Are you familiar with the acronym YCDBSOYA?. My husband was not, so when he received this tie pin for christmas he looked confused.

I believe the members of Jack Cohen's management team were equally confused when he gave them tie pins like this a long time ago.

The letters on the tie pin are there to remind us that:
You can't do business sitting on your ass
When it comes to my challenge 90booksin90days, I have not been sitting on my ass.
This is what I have done so far (with the blue arrows showing activities that I have started).

Well, I admit. Literally I have been sitting on my ass when doing these activities. My brain and fingers have done most of the work with the help of the vast opportunities internet provides.  Opportunities that were not yet there when Jack Cohen built the retail business Tesco. 

Do you doubt your ability to start a thriving business? Remember that Jack Cohen started with selling surplus army material from a single market stall. We can all start from where we are and still go far.

I hope I can reach my goal by working hard behind my computer. If not, I may have to literally get off my ass and go selling door to door...

Here are the previous posts in this challenge. I hope you will join me and challenge yourself :)


  1. Sitting a little less on my ass nowadays 😁. Like the phrase that anyone can start from where they are right now and still come far as long YDDBSOYA