#SwedeInMadrid - Park bench for skinny butts

Park benches in Madrid are often made of iron and wood

A man with a skinny butt wished that he could
Sit on something softer than wood or stone

So he decided to fix it on his own

In a country where it rarely rains
(without irrigation they turn into deserts, the Spanish plains)
it is possible to have a sofa in the street
without adding a water resistant sheet

So without any further ado
that is what the man decided to do
He knew he would be considered a nut
but he did not care - finally there was a soft bench for his skinny butt


This blogspot was inspired by a sofa I saw on the street when I walked my dog.
A bit more likely than my poem above, is that the owners got tired of it and left it on the street for the garbage collectors to handle. 

From what I have seen so far here in Madrid the ones who take care of garbage (protected by bike helmets when they "hang" on the back of the garbage truck as you can see) are very flexible and seem to take care of anything people put on the street.
Sooner or later.