Could someone like that love someone like you?

We are all worthy of love - but at times we forget

At times we may even believe that some people are "out of our league", as I describe in this translated excerpt  from my book Ursus-dit rättvisan inte når. 

She stopped. Reluctantly. It was hard enough as it was. She wished he wouldn't look at her with his sad eyes. Slowly she turned to face him.


"If it hadn't been for... could you have loved me? Could someone like you have loved someone like me?"

He stood before her. A big, strong grown man, but in his eyes she saw a small, scared boy. A little boy who didn't know if he was worthy of love. Maybe if she told him the truth, he wouldn't let her go. Maybe he wouldn't let her go back to the life she had. Maybe he would hope for something she never intended to let happen. The door opened behind her. It was her husband. He called out to her. This time he wouldn't stand any contradictions. Still, she went back and put her hand on the other man's arm.

"Love means knowing everything about another person and loving them just as they are. You and I never got that far. So I don't know, I never got to know you fully."

He shrank before her eyes. It hurt her, so she let the words fall out of her mouth, quickly so she could say them before her husband would come to take her back inside:

"But I've never felt so safe with anyone else as with you. While you scare the hell out of me, because I've never wanted anyone as much as I wanted you. No one else has made me so vulnerable. Of course I could have loved someone like you. If only I had the courage."

To hear me read from the book (in Swedish), watch this video.

This passage will be included in my book release for Rabbitface Part 2: The Death of an Angel. I chose this part of the book because it fits the theme of the release:

Love & Loss

We will be talking about how to dare to love something or someone that we might lose.

I hope you want to join the release 😊 and that you always remember that you are worthy of love.

All you need to know about the release is on > this page <. 


Are you overloaded at work?

How do you feel when you're overloaded and someone asks you to take on another task?

  • Do you think you could manage your time better, or 
  • do you feel that the workload is unevenly distributed in your team, or that
  •  the team as a whole is overloaded?

As I describe in this short (less then 2 min long) video from the webinar Time Management and Workload Management: What's the difference, it is important to figure out what the real root cause for the overload is.


 Make sure that you are managing your time well without taking on work that could be managed with better workload management in your team.

So, what’s the difference between the two?

Both time- and workload management are about managing tasks and resources, and both focus on productivity and efficiency, but time management is individual-centred while workload management is team-centred.

For further explanation, watch this short video (also less than 2 minutes long) where I describe the differences and commonalities with the help of a Venn diagram.

 Remember to address your own time management before you address workload management. If a manager has poor time management, it can affect the whole team. So start by improving your personal time management before you address workload issues.