Are you overloaded at work?

How do you feel when you're overloaded and someone asks you to take on another task?

  • Do you think you could manage your time better, or 
  • do you feel that the workload is unevenly distributed in your team, or that
  •  the team as a whole is overloaded?

As I describe in this short (less then 2 min long) video from the webinar Time Management and Workload Management: What's the difference, it is important to figure out what the real root cause for the overload is.


 Make sure that you are managing your time well without taking on work that could be managed with better workload management in your team.

So, what’s the difference between the two?

Both time- and workload management are about managing tasks and resources, and both focus on productivity and efficiency, but time management is individual-centred while workload management is team-centred.

For further explanation, watch this short video (also less than 2 minutes long) where I describe the differences and commonalities with the help of a Venn diagram.

 Remember to address your own time management before you address workload management. If a manager has poor time management, it can affect the whole team. So start by improving your personal time management before you address workload issues.

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