#SwedeInMadrid: Redundant information for a Swede

Please be on time

This phrase is not uncommon in Spanish meeting invitations. To me, as a Swede, this is redundant information. The meeting call is already specifying the time for the meeting; for instance 14:00-15:00. To me that means that the meeting starts at 14.  Still, many Spaniards see the need to add the "please be on time" phrase. (Not that it helps...)

On this sign, there is another piece of information, that for me is redundant:

It says it is obligatory to follow all the security norms. In Sweden it would be enough to list the norms, the last phrase is redundant. It is kind of understood that the reason for listing them is that you should follow them.

But, who knows, maybe this redundant information is needed here in Spain. Otherwise it may turn out as on this parking lot where the sign says that camping is forbidden.

As you can see, fairly many ignored that sign. Maybe they would not have put their motor homes there if the sign would have had the following additional information:
It is obligatory to follow the rules stated on this sign.