How to find time in November - give yourself the right nutrition

Do you often eat mindlessly and quickly while you do something else, telling yourself you "save time" by doing so?

If you do this now and then, don't worry. We can handle almost anything for a short period of time. 

If you do it frequently though, you are not giving yourself the energy and care you need to make the most of your time and yourself. 

Take care of yourself and your time by giving yourself the kind of nutrition that gives energy and health.

You don’t have to learn a new, fancy diet. 

The simple guidelines I share in this month’s video will be enough.

Simple, straightforward solutions are easier to follow than complicated ones.

That's why I like Michael Pollan's advice about what to eat:

Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

If on top of that, you sleep enough and move regularly you can let yourself eat a bit crazy during the holidays coming up in December.

Going Deeper

For more help to get more done with less effort and deeper joy, read or listen to my book Beyond Efficiency.

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Take care of and responsibility for yourself, your time and your life.


3 time management lessons from Country Queen Jill Johnson

Foto av Bengt Nyman. Wikimedia Commons

Jill went on tour with Tomboola Band when she was 14 years old. How did her parents dare to let her go on tour that young?

Jill says her parents knew she was a good girl; they could trust her.

When it comes to what Jill lets her teenage daughter do she differentiates between real dangers and her own fears. We learn by living and Jill doesn’t want to stifle her daughter’s learning because of fear.

Lesson 1: Trust your loved ones

By trusting your loved ones, you will spend less time and energy worrying and controlling them. Not only will you save time and energy, you will also take good care of your relationships with this approach.

When Jill was 22 years old she fell in love with a man who had children from a previous relationship. She did all she could to fit in, and she managed. Jill became a valued part of the family. In hindsight she sees that it came at a cost. She is proud of what she did for others, but not proud about losing herself on the way. When she learned to use what she calls ”the magical word No” she found a way to combine the two.

Lesson 2: Care for yourself and others

Giving all you have to others will eventually dry you up. If you care for yourself and others you will continuously have a well to take and give from.

Caring for yourself is a great gift to people around you. Learning to powerfully say no is an important part of that. We recently had a webinar about this in the Timefinder Academy and I am adding it to my leadership courses so I can help more people with this.

Jill’s career has gone well, so well she got overwhelmed. She went to see a therapist. At first she found it embarrassing so she called it stress management. Now she says that everyone who can afford it should talk to a therapist.

“In reality I am paying to talk to myself”, she says, going on to say that if she doesn’t reflect her soul falls behind. It’s not until she stops to think and feel that it catches up again.

Lesson 3: Let your soul catch up

When you take time to reflect about life, your soul catches up with you. Going to a therapist/coach/friend can help you talk to yourself.

We often underestimate the power of reflection. I hope you don’t. It is a core part of all coaching and training I give.

You can start here and now. 

Pick one day in the week or one time in the day when you set aside a few minutes to reflect about your day or week. This will automatically calm you down and will most likely remind you about things you would have otherwise forgotten. Believe me, it is worth these few minutes.

I am wrapping up this blogpost with one of Jill’s songs. It has inspired my husband and I to include “Roots and Wings” in our visions for how we want to live.  

Just cause you got roots

Doesn’t mean you can’t have wings

You can listen to it on Spotify here.