90booksin90days -35 books left to sell - 44 days left

In previous posts I have shared what actions I plan to take. I have started executing on the actions and I follow them up using a kanban board, detailing the actions I plan per week.

Do you ever take actions, yet you do not get any immediate results? At work or in any chosen challenge in life?

Most likely you do, from time to time. There are times when actions lead to immediate results and there are times - especially when you do something new - when you try out actions without seeing any results.

For my 90booksin90days challenges it is getting more and more exciting as the days to conclude the challenge are getting fewer while the amount of books to sell remain the same since X-mas. Despite the many actions I take.

At times like these, it is important to stick to the goal but be prepared to change approach. Prepared to do more or do something different from the original plan.

I have plenty of actions left to take, a lot of new ideas about what to do - some of them thanks to you, my lovely readers and listeners :) - and I have plenty of time left. 44 days to be exact.

How hard can it be?

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