90booksin90days: Getting ideas is the easy part

"If I go to an investor with my idea - do I need to have them sign something so they will not steal it?"
The question came from an entrepreneur who was about to meet possible investors. He asked the question on a radio show where a man who had invested in many different start-ups provided answers.

I could hear in the investor's voice that he found the question naive, maybe even silly.
"Noone is going to steal your idea. There are thousands of great ideas out there. Getting ideas is not the problem. Finding people who can turn their ideas into reality is the tricky part."
And even those who turn their ideas into reality may not find a way to make it profitable. Spotify and Dropbox are companies whose services are widely used and in demand - still neither one of them is making a profit.
So if you are a person who comes up with plenty of ideas. Great! If you are also the type of person who can turn them into reality - even better! If you know how to make your implemented ideas profitable - spread the word! A lot of people will benefit from learning from you.
My own challenge, within my 90booksin90days challenge is to turn the idea I have about literary music events based on my books into reality (working on it) and eventually profitable (the tricky part).

Musician Kristin Fornfela and myself, discussing how to make Literary Music events based on my books

I hope you have plenty of ideas that you will turn into reality and make profitable!

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