90booksin90days - Do you know what I have to offer?

There are many books for sale. In bookshops, on the net... how can I sell 90 of my books in 90 days to people who have never even heard about them?

Well, first I need to make it easy for people to understand what I have to offer.

I created web pages for my books; for Jenny, JennyUrsus-dit rättvisan inte når and for my two books about Ingelrike-Arniak.

These web pages describe the books, including what my readers think about them. A lot of people (people like myself) want to make up their own mind, regardless of what others say. For them I added recordings of the first 5 chapters so they can hear if the books are a good fit for them or not.

Still, a web page does not make much of a difference if people don't find or look for it. I decided to get reviews of my books, so people will hear more about them.

Some of my books have (thanks to my publishers) been reviewed by papers, bloggers and libraries. Nowadays there are also bookstagramers and booktubers. I decided to contact some of them and ask them to review my two latest books.

I contacted two bookblogs and one bookstagramer. Result? Zero response. Not a "thanks but no thanks" response, just silence. 

Sometimes I wonder if people have understood the purpose of the message function on Instagram or Facebook, or even the purpose of e-mail. They are not just there as a decoration, they are there for communication. Two way communication.

Anyway, I am learning about Mastering Influence (a Tony Robbins course) and I got ideas about how to make my mails / messages stand out more.

The results were a lot better with my new approach. I sent five mails and received three answers - great and friendly answers. One of them made me extra happy - she said she would like to review my books!

I will wait a while and see if the remaining two will answer. If they do not answer, or if they say thanks but no thanks, I will contact 5 more. And then 5 more. Until I get some 3-4 reviews of my books.

Meanwhile I am very happy that Kajsas bokblogg will review the books I sent!

Is it easy for you to understand what I have to offer? Do you have ideas on how I can make it easier? Please let me know!

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