90 books in 90 days - join my journey!

No, I am not talking about speed reading - I am talking about a challenge to myself:

Sell 90 of my books in 90 days.

In a series of posts I will share my successes and failures towards my goal - and I am looking forward  to your advice and support along the way.  Maybe you want to take the opportunity to challenge yourself at the same time? Then we can follow if not the same road, interesting roads at the same time.

Hopefully this will be interesting both for me and you and I hope we will all learn a lot on the way.

Let's get started!

1 comment:

  1. Ok, challenge accepted. For me it will be 90 grams for 90 days. That will add up to weight loss of 8,1 kg. No way to back out now with an audience.🤪😁