90 books in 90 days - Are you never satisfied Annika?

Welcome to my 90 books in 90 days challenge!

You can find the starting post of this challenge here.

"Blir du aldrig nöjd någon gång Annika?"
Marie - my friend and then colleague - asked me the above question, which translates to "Are you never satisfied Annika?"

We were talking about my first book Jenny, Jenny and I mentioned that both my publisher and I had hoped to sell more books than we had at that time.

Marie then looked at me and said:
"Annika, there are so many people who want to write a book - and they never even get started. Some start but don´t finish. Then a few people conclude the writing but never get published. And here you are, with a published book and you are dissatisfied because it hasn't sold more. Are you never satisifed?"
Her comment made me think of an interview with Madonna, early in her career. The interviewer listed all her accomplishments so far and then asked:  What else can you possibly want?

Madonna answered (as you can see in this short video): 
I want MORE!

Here I am, seven years after my conversation with Marie. I have written four published novels and I have many satisified readers. But since I - like Madonna - want MORE, I have now decided to challenge myself and sell more of my books.

What about you? Are you satisfied? Or do you want more?

Actually I hope your answer is different. I hope you say:

I am satisfied AND I want MORE!

I hope you want to join me and maybe start or continue a challenge for yourself!

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