You need to dare more Annika

My friend and colleague Lisbeth and I were going for lunch. When going out of our office building she asked me why I didn't display my books at the entrance of the building. I answered that I didn't think that was allowed.
"Sometimes you need to dare a bit more Annika"

Ok, since I just challenged myself to sell 90 books in 90 days  (you can find the previous posts about this here: Join my journeyAnnika are you never satisfied?, Rapid Planning Method)
I understood what she was saying. To achieve my goal, I need to dare more.

So one evening after working late and being more or less alone in the office, I put up the books at the cafeteria, along with information about how to contact me (and how great the books are of course...).

I kept repeating to myself:

"It is better to ask for forgiveness afterwards than for permission in advance"

However, since I work with some persons who are responsible for the facilities, I didn't just want to ignore the rules I understand are there. So half a day after putting up the books I sent a mail to my colleague.  I told him I had put up the books and I asked if they could be there the rest of the week. I knew he receives a lot of mail so I did not expect an imminent answer. Meaning, I knew I was buying myself some time.

Once the books had been there for a day and half I got the answer that unfortunately it is not allowed.

The reasons for this rule are completely valid so I removed the books the same day, thinking to myself:

"Well, at least I went out of my comfort zone. I dared a little. Maybe it will pay off some day."

I did not know then, that "some day" would be the same day. :)

In the afternoon I met a woman who attended one of my lectures a few years ago and was kind enough to let me know that she appreciated it and we have been saying hello to each other ever since.

When we met today she gestured to the place where my books had been displayed and said: Have you written books? Can I buy one?

So, my small step outside of the comfort zone paid off immediately!

Thank you Lisbeth, for pushing me :).

Do you get outside of your comfort zone to achieve your goals?
Do you surround yourself with people willing to push you outside of it and supporting you there?

If you do you will achieve your goals faster.
I hope you are joining my challenge with a challenge of your own!


  1. :-) Vad glad jag blir Annika!

    1. :) Och den andra bra saken med det här var att du fick veta att du kan sälja dina smycken i kontorslandskapet :).