90 books in 90 days - sell to existing customers

Welcome to the 90 books in 90 days challenge! Are you challenging yourself as well? Working towards a goal? Maybe we can learn from and support each other on the way!

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Let's go higher in the branch about selling to existing customers. How can I sell more to my existing customers?

My existing customers already have one or more of my books, so my focus will be to sell them my latest two books. The first thing to do is to make sure my existing customers know I have released a new book. This is one branch of my issue tree. The second branch on this level will be to make it easy to buy the books.

These branches are Mutually Exclusive, there are no overlaps. But are they Collectively Exhaustive? Will spreading the word and making it easy to buy the books make me sell more to existing customers? Most likely, yes. Enough? That will depend on how well I handle the actions on the next level of the tree.

Spreading the word to existing customers means using the channels I have already. My distribution list, my facebook page, this blog - and of course direct contact with those I meet, or contact via others who meet my customers.

With some good actions in the leaves of this tree, my existing customers will know I have released another book. The next step is to make it easy for them to buy it.

They can of course buy the books on-line, on normal book selling sites like AdlibrisBokus and others. My publisher is taking care of that. The challenge I have started is for the books I sell myself, in addition to the ones sold via my publisher.

Making it easy to buy from me includes making the books available in my own web shop and to include a pick-up option. I can also bring the books when I meet my customers, for instance at work and I can have books brought via others who meet my customers.

There we are! A lot of actions defined. Time to execute!

Are you joining my journey with a journey of your own? I hope you do, then we can support each other and celebrate together when we have come all the way!

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