90 books in 90 days - Are thoughts real?

Many ask me how I am doing with my goal 90booksin90days. Is it working, am I selling my books?

Yes, I have sold books, I am happy about every book I have sold, every new reader :). But I have no idea if I will be able to sell the remaining ones before the end of February.

I am used to uncertainty at work, that is part of working with Research and Development. We estimate, experiment, work, check where we are, adapt and work some more. But that is SW engineering and we are SW engineers. We know what we are doing even if we do not know exactly how  our current challenges will work out.

When it comes to markering and selling I have little or no experience, little or no historical data to rely on. When I told my coach that I feel unsure about achieving my goal, she interrupted me and asked:
"Are thoughts real?"

Le Penseur by Rodin. Wikimedia Commons

Well, no they are not. I know that. A thought is just a thought. Even though we often make them a lot more powerful than that.

"The only way you can find out if your activities will take you to the goal, is by doing them and see what happens."

Yes. I know that too. (Our talk made me think that the job of a coach or mentor is to tell you the things you already know but have somehow failed to fully understand.)

Will I make my goal? I don't know. But I know what actions I will take. I have described my actions related to selling to existing customers in previous posts. Here is the branch of the issue tree that describes my actions to sell to new customers.

As you can see I have one box, one branch of the tree, still open for "Great ideas yet to come".

Any ideas you may have that can fit into that box are very welcome :).

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