90booksin90days: Introducing the first Valentine offer from Kantza smycken and Annikaslol

So here it is, the  first Valentine's offer from Kantza Smycken and annikaslol:  Kärlek och tvekan (Love and Doubt).

I am happy that I know Lisbeth, a gifted woman who creates lovely jewelry and decorations in glass. When I asked if she wanted to create a Valentine's offer with me her answer was immediate.
"Yes, of course. What do you want me to create?"
I said I would like to have hearts (Valentine´s Day is called "alla Hjärtans dag" or "the day of all hearts" in Swedish) for the Kärlek och Tvekan offer.

Shortly after Lisbeht got started. Out of this raw material:

She created 10 necklaces with  hearts.

These ten unique hearts are now part of the Valentine offer Kärlek och Tvekan.

Jenny, Jenny is a book with a lot of love and doubts
"He can´t possibly love me, he loves his freedom more"

"She will never love someone like me, we live in separate worlds"

"How can I ever make her love me when she just sees me as a friend?"
Ursus-dit rättvisan inte når is an action filled love story with a lot of doubt as well. How could it not be, when two brothers are interested in the same woman? And two best friends?

I am happy I can offer my readers one book for themselves, one for their friend and, as a bonus, a unique and beautiful heart from my friend Lisbeth.

Kärlek och Tvekan

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