90 books in 90 days - Maybe you need to get to know them?

Thank you for the tips you have provided so far! About partnering up with others and about book signing opportunities. I will keep you up to date about my progress in these areas. :)

So far I have sold 55 books to existing customers and to new customers. Wonderful :).

However, I have not yet sold to persons who do not know me.

How do I sell my books to strangers?

When asking this question out loud when visiting my parents, my father said:

"Maybe you need to get to know them?"

Illustration by John Hain Pixabay 

Shortly after, I listened to one of the many podcasts on eofire (if you are or want to be an entrepreneur or a sidepreneur, I recommend these podcasts) and I learned the following:

"You need to turn strangers into friends, into customers into fans."

That makes a lot of sense.

"But how can I turn people I have not met, and may not meet in real life, into friends?"

Figuring that out is one of many challenges included in my 90booksin90days challenge...

Are you already skilled in this area? I could use your advice!

Are you, like me, challenging yourself? Let's do it together. Then we can support each other!

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