90 books in 90 days - the first branches in my issue tree

Welcome to the 90 books in 90 days challenge! Are you challenging yourself as well? Working towards a goal? Maybe we can learn from and support each other on the way!

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It is time for the M, in the Rapid Planning Method. M as in Massive action. Massive action without knowing what actions to take makes no sense. A lot of people are busy and do a lot of things all the time - without achieving results. They do not achieve results since they fail to connect their actions with what they want to achieve. We will not make that mistake.

To ensure I take the right kind of action, I will apply the approach I recently learned in the course Driving Strategic Impact: An issue tree. For more info on issue trees, check out The importance of pruning your issue tree.

The root of  an issue tree is the problem statement, so for my 90 books in 90 days challenge, the root is:
How can I sell 90 books in 90 days in an enjoyable way?

The intention with an issue tree is to create branches that together answer the question at the root. The branches should be MECE: Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive.

The two first branches are fairly straight forward and come from a basic rule in business:
You can sell more to existing customers and you can sell to new customers. 

These branches are Mutually Exclusive, meaning they do not overlap and they are Collectively Exhaustive meaning together they answer the question at the root.

To get to the massive actions, we will go higher in the tree, all the way to the leaves, in coming blog posts.

Are you joining my journey with a journey of your own? I hope you do, then we can celebrate together when we have come all the way!

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