The Beauty of Art part 14: The answers

As promised, here are the answers to the Beauty of Art part 14:

The painting is called:
Dancer with a Bouquet of Flowers
Many of you saw that  this was the work of a French impressionist, even though you  did not know which one.

The painter is...

Edgar Degas, born 1834 in Paris.

Degas (originally called De Gas) is considered one of the impressionists - even though he did not see his art that way.

The painting in this quiz is typical for the artist. Degas often painted dancers. He enjoyed showing motion in his pictures.

Apart from painting dancers, he was also known for painting his subjects from unusual angles, like in the painting Waiting:

Degas had yet another way of painting that made him special: he could crop the paintings in unusual ways, leaving out what many painters would have left in the painting. For example in L'orchestre de l'Opera where we only see the legs of the dancers.

Degas was without a doubt a gifted artist. From what I read about him, I am not sure he was a nice person to be with.
He believed that

"the artist must live alone, and his private life must remain unknown"

and he never married. He did not mind being seen as a misanthropic (someone who has a contempt for mankind) bachelor.

What you think about the painting:

It makes you exalted and gives a glimpse of how beautiful, good and wonderful life can be
It gives the same feeling as when looking at John Bauer paintings - with a kind troll.
It makes you curious. What play is this? Who is she?

I really like the painting myself, the motion in the picture, the colours, the feeling - and yes, since I love dancing I like the motif a lot :).

If you want to read more about Edgar Degas and see more of this art, take a look at:

Wikipedia and Artsy

Thanks for participating!

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