90booksin90days - one of the new ideas: Literary Music events

I have asked you to follow my journey 90booksin90days. Both by giving me advice and ideas and by challenging yourself so we can do the same journey. Different paths and goals, but at the same time.

One advice I received was to get in touch with Kvillehyllan: a different kind of shop that sells vintage and provides an easy way for customers to sell their things. They also arrange different kinds of events in a nice atmosphere.

I checked out the shop on-line, learned more about their concept and values and liked what I saw. What could I offer them?

They have had book signing events before. Great! I would like to offer something even more special. I am very fond of music (as anyone reading my books is likely to notice) and it would be great to team up with a musician and offer a combined music and literary event.

Congerdesign, pixabay

I visited Kvillehyllan to discuss this and to check with them if they had a network of musicians?

They were very happy about a cover band they had used before. However, paying them would most likely be so costly that even if I would sell a few books it would be a loss for me.

I like the idea of creating a combined literary and music event and I am sure this could be offered to more small businesses. Maybe book shops, maybe cafés... The next step for me will be to find a musician who want to try this out with me (in a way that is financially sound for both of us) and to contact small business who may want to arrange these type of events.

To be continued...

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