90booksin90days: The second Valentine offer: Against all odds

With one Valentine's offer focusing on Love and Doubt, I wanted another theme for the second one. A theme that fits with the books: Qui sine peccato est and Primam lapidem mittat. Books about two countries with a troubled past and complicated present. Countries I have made up, but every reader knows that the situation is applicable for too many countries in our world.

Are these political novels? Not only. They are, like all my books, also filled with adventure and love.

Since Ingelrike and Arniak are not only separated by their past but also by water (Arniak is an island) I agreed with Lisbeth from Kantza smycken that necklaces with sailing boats would be a good fit in our second Valentine offer.

What about the title of the offer? Against all odds? If you are old enough, you may think of the 80s film with the same name:

The film did not receive good reviews, but with Against all odds by Phil Collins in the soundtrack, it is not easily forgotten. I am fond of the song, so it should come as no surprise that I included it in my debut novel Jenny, Jenny.

When it comes to the odds in the books about Ingelrike-Arniak, being in love with "another man's woman" is just one of many odds against the love...

I am proud and happy to present the second Valentine offer:

I hope many will like it!

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