Thank you, mum, for the gifts of nature

 Below you can find another chapter from the book Thank you, mum.  I hope it touches your heart.

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When you were four years old, your own beloved grandmother died. You weren't allowed to attend the funeral. The grown-ups thought you, a little kid, would find it scary or too tough. You didn't understand, you desperately wanted to have as much time as possible with your beloved grandma. You were told Grandma was dead; that she was gone.

            But you were convinced she was still around. You felt her presence in all the plants, trees, and animals. You almost never wanted to pick flowers as that would feel like snipping off your grandma.

            Even as an adult, you got upset if anyone cut down bushes or trees. You wanted them all to grow freely. When Dad talked with handymen about creating a dock between your sauna and the lake, you refused to let them cut down a birch tree. They had to get creative and build around the beautiful birch.

            You and Dad traveled to the four corners of the world, and you collected rocks from each and every one. They lay in beautiful trays in your house. You were always able to see the beauty in nature. In lovely fall leaves, crooked branches, wild-picked as well as store-bought flowers. Your fingers were most certainly green, plants thrived at your house.

            The love I have for animals and nature, it's all thanks to you, Mum. What could be more precious than to enjoy the smell of a rainy day? To look up at the sky, and be amazed by the clouds? To stop and observe a blackbird eating the fallen fruit from a tree?

Thanks to you, and the love you had for your grandma, I learned how to enjoy the gifts of nature. 


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This was a chapter from the book Thank you, mum. A book for those who miss someone.

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