90booksin90days: Who am I if I don't succeed?

The project we were working on was high-profile and critical. We were developing a product based on new technology under a tough deadline. Just before an important milestone I sent one of my newsletters, encouraging all project members:
"It will be tough a few more weeks, but we are the type of project that delivers. We will make it."
We did make it and several project members told me that they had been motivated by what I had written. We are the type of project that delivers.

I have always believed that
"If you want something bad enough and work hard to get it - you will get it." 
So when the deadline for my 90booksin90days passed and I had not sold 90 books, only 67, I was confused.
 If I am not  the one who always gets what I go for - who am I then?
It took some thinking and a talk to my coach to look at my "failure" in another way.

My 90booksin90days challenge is not comparable to my projects. When I lead a project I ensure we have the right pre-requisites.  I manage expectations and I negotiate the outcome with the stakeholders throughout a project.

When I came up with my 90booksin90days challenge I set the goal myself and I chose something that inspired me, something that simply sounded good. "I went in blind" as my coach called it. I did not sell 90 books in 90 days. But I did a lot of great things and learned a lot to get to the 67 books.

The same goes for those who are the best of the best. There are great athletes that break records. And still - they do not win every race, every match. There are great actors who perform breath takingly in some films and flop in others. There are fantastic business people who achieve a lot, yet lose great deals or markets now and then. Or, as Michael Jordan said:
"I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed."
So my coach helped me realize that aiming for always succeeding is not the way to go. And just like I once told my project members about what type of project we were, she told me what type of person I am:
"You are the type of person who challenges yourself by setting inspiring stretch goals - and then gives all you got to get them."

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What about you? Are you the type of person who wants to make a change in your life, who wants to challenge yourself? Join my next 90 day challenge! 

I will start again in a week or two and I hope you will join me. It will be hard, comfort-zone expanding and lots of fun!

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