Successful launch in 90 days - Go, go, go!

Are you ready to join me in a challenge of your own?

I am now starting my Successful launch in 90 days challenge which includes launching a book and an on-line course to help people become Masters of their time.

I hope you will take the chance to join me with a challenge on your own, a challenge that will end in June, so you can enjoy the results of it this summer.

Those of you who followed by 90 books in 90 days challenge know that a good place to start is with a problem statement.

This is my problem statement for my challenge:

How can I create a successful book-  and on-line course launch in 90 days?

Based on that problem statement I have created an issue tree (for tips on how to create issue trees, check out this blog post), to guide me when I define the actions needed to achieve my goal:

I am looking forward to the event when I will launch. Launch a book and on-line course that will help many people understand that there is enough time in their lives for doing what they really want. This will be a challenging and interesting journey. I hope yours will be as well!

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