The Beauty of Art, part 15 - the answers

This Beauty of Art quiz was a tricky one. I believe most of us know paintings more than we do sculptures.

The sculpture in the Beauty of Art part 15 is called La Valse (the waltz) and it is made by Camille Claudel.

Image from wikimedia commons

One of the clues I gave to this quiz, was that Camille had had a relationship with one of the artists in a previous Beauty of Art post. That artist was Rodin, described in the Beauty of Art part 4.

Rodin was impressed with her talent and she became one of his apprentices. At one point he said:

" Je lui ai montré où trouver de l'or, mais l'or qu'elle trouve est bien à elle."
("I have shown her where to find gold, but the gold she finds is her own." )

They even worked together on some of Rodin's sculptures, for instance the one I showed in the Beauty of art part 4: Le baiser.

Like so many other artists of this time (she was born 1864) she went to Paris to learn and perform her art.

She was without a doubt very gifted, very passionate and she had a lot of support from her father (but not from her mother). Her life was very dramatic, as can be seen in the film Camille Claudel. Unfortunately her strong emotions made her destroy some of the sculptures she made and she evetually ended up in a hospital due to "insanity".

You have described that the sculpture make you think of passion. I agree, it shows a lot of passion and at the same time it shows a lot of tenderness. I find it amazing that some people have the ability to craft something that radiates love out of material like plaster and bronze.

Thank you for participating in this Beauty of Art!

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