Do you want to freeze time?

 Can we stop time?

Sometimes we sure wish we could.

Like when we are really close to a deadline and we are nowhere near finished with the task.

Or when we want to have some time for ourselves after a long workday but by the time we have put our kids to bed and we have cleaned up in the kitchen it is already so late we had better go to bed ourselves.

The truth is, we have found ways of stopping time. Not from elapsing, but from impacting matter.

In that way a freezer is a time machine. Whatever we put in it stops evolving until we take it out again.

That is not the way we want to stop time though, is it?

We want to continue evolving, growing, contributing.

It is not about stopping time; it is about making the most of the time we have.

Close to the deadline and not yet finished?

See what you can do before the deadline. Maybe that is good enough? If not, negotiate a new deadline.

Not enough time for yourself in the intense years of being a parent of small children?

Make sure there is always some time for you in your weeks. That may require getting help from others. Trust me, they will be happy to give it.

Don’t freeze time.

Master it and savor every single moment.

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