Thank you, mum, for reminding me

Below you can find another chapter from the book Thank you, mum.  I hope it touches your heart.

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You knew how much I adore quotes and sayings, Mum. We both like beautiful things. No wonder you gave me the book Förgät mig ej  (Forget-me-not). A book in which I could write all my friends' birthdays, and it was filled with poems and pretty pictures. One of the poems stuck with me,

"For these few days the hills are bright with cherry blossom.
Longer, and we should not prize them so.

 Yamabe no Akahito

The same goes for life. If life in its current form carried on forever, we wouldn't value or covet it the way we do. We would take it for granted. Your death has reminded all of us who love you of that very fact. We've been reminded to not take life for granted, but to live life fully. Not in spite of death, but thanks to death.

            Thank you, Mum, for the reminder.  


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This was a chapter from the book Thank you, mum. A book for those who miss someone.

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