Thank you, mum, for all your support

 Below you can find another chapter from the book Thank you, mum.  I hope it touches your heart.

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Thank you, Mum, for driving me places. To all my dance classes, and especially, to my horse-riding lessons. Every Saturday morning; not exactly ideal since Friday nights were reserved for battling demons with wine. Not to mention that you were allergic to horses. I had to change in and out of my horse-riding clothes at the stable and put them in the trunk. We drove home with the windows open. Still, your eyes watered. It didn't stop you from driving me there.

            Nothing ever stopped you, or Dad, from supporting me and my brother. You attended every single dance recital. When I started my lectures and was unsure about how many people would show up, you were there, and you brought your friends. When my husband and I were in that crazy intense stage of building our careers, whilst raising three children, you were always there to help. When one of the kids got sick and had to stay home from school, you always offered to help. We'd meet up at that dog daycare place and you brought one or more children with you while we went on to work.

            You helped us get quality time, by letting the kids spend the night with you every once in a while. You let our three sons live freely at your house. Your beautiful house in Landvetter, with loads of TV channels to flick through, and unlimited amounts of sweets, was their dream come true. Nothing was off-limits in your house, just like Pippi's house in the books. Maybe I should have been named Pippi after all.

            Thanks for appreciating every gift that the kids gave you. Every hand-made necklace, every drawing. We both had a soft spot for stuffed toy animals, we kept them well into our adulthood. When my youngest boy fell head over heels for your white seal, he got to keep it. Sealy became his favorite toy animal for many years. It's still in his room, although no longer on his bed.

            Thanks for all your support, all your gifts, all the freedom. Thank you, Mum and Dad, for always being there when I've needed you. 


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This was a chapter from the book Thank you, mum. A book for those who miss someone.

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