How to calmly take time off from work

“I don’t know how to tell the project about my vacation plans.”

The ambitious leader I was coaching had recently joined a new project. They didn’t know about her vacation plans yet and that made her nervous. She had agreed with her ex-husband when she was going to take care of the kids and those weeks were holy for her. At the same time, the project she had just joined had important deadlines during the weeks she had planned to be on vacation.

This type of situation can easily stress us out. We want to be in two places at once even when we cannot.

Luckily, we don’t need to be in two places at once. We just need to ensure the work gets done even when we are not there.


Make sure you and your colleagues know enough about each other’s tasks to take over when one of you is away from work. Planned or unplanned.

That’s what my client did. She ensured others could do what she would normally do, and she enjoyed the vacation with her children.


What if you are a freelancer or work at a small company with few others to share the work with? 

Then you need to be even more creative.

In my husband’s company there is a board, so when he goes away, he ensures a board member (me) takes care of whatever needs to get done. Even if that means doing something as “unboardlike” as cleaning an AirBnB house.


In my company I plan the work in ways that give me days off in the week and weeks off during the year. After all, I own the company, so I get to decide when I work 😊.

With a little planning, collaboration and creativity, you can always find a solution.

Find your way to be away from work so you can love it even more.

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