If you have already lost - do you dare to love again?


Do you dare to love again - if you have already lost someone you loved?

Losing someone we love hurts so much it can be hard to put in words. 

Once we have suffered a loss it can be hard to feel secure and to love again. 

Here is a translated excerpt  from the first book in my Ingelrike-Arniak series Qui Sine Peccato Est.

Kendu was awakened by Leyah crawling close to him, by her placing a cold sweaty hand on his chest. He grunted questioningly, not awake enough to speak, to open his eyes.
      "I had a nightmare. You disappeared. You too."
Kendu turned towards her, eyes still closed. He pulled her close.
      "I will never leave you, Leyah. I made that promise when I was fourteen and it will be for the rest of my life." His fumbling, sleepy hand stroked her cheek.
      "Go to sleep, you have an important interview tomorrow."
      He went back to sleep after only a few minutes. Leyah didn't. She knew she should sleep, knew that her nightmares had more to do with her childhood than her life now. Knew she needed to be fresh for the interview tomorrow. But it didn't matter what she knew. The important thing was what she felt. And what she felt was that this was her last night with Kendu. Their last night together in this bed. 
    As the night turned to dawn, to morning with the traffic noise from the street outside, she watched him, every part of him. Wanted to memorise every feature, remember everything, from his unibrow to the foot with the long middle toe. If this was their last night, she would make sure she remembered it to her last breath.

To hear me read from the book (in Swedish), watch this video.

This passage will be included in my book release for Rabbitface Part 2: The Death of an Angel. I chose this part of the book because it fits the theme of the release:

Love & Loss

We will be talking about how to dare to love something or someone that we might lose.

I hope you want to join the release 😊 and that you dare to love no matter the losses you may have experienced. 

All you need to know about the release is available on > this page <. 

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