From dreams to reality through planning, habit change and envisioning

Welcome to this blogpost designed to help you transform dreams into reality through planning, habit change and envisioning

In this video I share recommendations by my Timefinder community to help you reach your dreams by letting your daily life bring you closer to them.

We recommend three approaches:

· Converting intentions into actionable steps using work breakdown structures,

· Changing habits gradually with habit tracking, and

· Envisioning your goals through visualisation and experience.

Firstly, the classical approach involves using work breakdown structures. 

Start with yearly intentions, which might be represented by a vision board or a presentation. Break these down into quarterly goals, then monthly targets, and finally into weekly and daily plans. 

This method ensures continuous progress and keeps your goals embedded in everyday life. Remember to make follow-up enjoyable—perhaps involve someone else for accountability and fun. Regularly review your progress and adjust plans as needed.

Secondly, if your goals are about personal transformation, focus on habit changes. 

Identify habits to add, remove or modify, and use a habit tracker to monitor progress. A visual habit tracker helps you see patterns and stay motivated. Recognise progress even if it’s small; it’s crucial for maintaining motivation. Add the habit of tracking habits to your daily routine to ensure consistency.

Lastly, envisioning your dreams as current reality can be powerful. 

Surround yourself with cues like vision boards or films that reflect your aspirations. Music, scents, and other sensory elements can reinforce this feeling. Your brain can’t distinguish between vivid imagination and reality, so immerse yourself in experiences that mirror your dreams.

Throughout all methods, remember progress isn’t linear.

 Expect ups and downs and plan for them. Stay in the race even when it’s slow; perseverance is key. An accountability partner or a mood-boosting activity menu can help during tough times.

Be kind to yourself and enjoy the journey.

I hope these recommendations from my Time Finder community help you turn dreams into reality.

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