Of course it will work out

My friend Lisbeth used to say:

Det är klart att det löser sig, men det löser sig inte av sig självt. 
(Of course it will work out, but not by itself.)

I think this philosophy is profound and useful in its simplicity.

Fearful and stressed minds are not able to innovate, they are not able to look for solutions.

Believing it will work out doesn’t mean that you just Wait and See.

You can Wait and Do.

Once you truly believe that things will work out, you will have the peace of mind to do things that make a positive difference.

Actually, even better than doing is being.

You can Wait and Be.

Be the person you want to be, no matter what the circumstances are. A person who makes a positive difference.

The way you are will influence others and one day you will notice it has worked out.

Thanks to your way of being, thanks to your belief that it would work out.

I know Lisbeth is looking at us from heaven, with a smile on her face and her feet dangling from the edge of a cloud.

She knows we will be fine.

You do too.

Just Wait and Be.

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