Making the most of working from home

Remember the photos we used to see on social media, of people working from home or cafés? With headlines like: “Today’s office”. The intention was often to show off a free lifestyle. I see less of these photos today. 

When a majority works from home, there is no point in boasting about it, is there?

I am a person who enjoys working from home.

I hope these tips can help you do the same. 

Working from home with Dixon

WFH ≠ WATT (Working All The Time)

Just because you can easily join a meeting from home at midnight, doesn’t mean you are suddenly expected to.

If you want to feel “off” at certain times of the day, set your work hours (and your non-work hours) and stick to them.

Instead of just copying the work hours you have when you work at the office, find what works best now.

Maybe you want to start earlier since you don’t need to commute and instead take a long lunch walk? Or an energizing afternoon nap?

Use this time to really choose your work hours. You may even find energizing routines that will work also when you are back in office again.

Dress for success

One of my coaching clients said that I always look “so fresh” in our video calls. Was that because I see video meetings from home as work meetings?


Where I am is irrelevant. When I give someone a service, I dress accordingly.

When I give keynote speeches I wear colourful clothes that stand out. Clothes that set the tone.

When I work with coaching clients online or give webinars, I dress as if I am going to work – because I am.

When I write my next book I wear comfortable dresses or training clothes.
Working From Home can be a perfect time to go for casual and comfortable. But if you find it easier to stay professional by dressing the same way you do when you go the office - do it even if the office is in your house. 

Your home is still your home

Even if your home is also an office, that doesn’t mean all of your home has to be your office. 
Take the time to create a space to work. A space where you can work comfortably rather than forcing yourself to sit or stand in positions that will give you neck and back pain. 

Even more importantly – decide where not to work. 
What areas in your home are off-limits for work?
This could be bedrooms or maybe the room where you eat. 

WFH = WTWIW (Work The Way I Want)

Make the most of working from home by finding how to work the way you want.


  1. Good points!
    Självklart egentligen, men för många säkert en "AHA" - läsning. Och för oss alla en good reminder.

    Min väninna har aldrig förstått att även kläder kommunicerar "det är ju vad jag säger som är viktigt" sa hon när jag pratade med henne om vilka färger och kombinationer jag funderade på att använda då jag skulle föreläsa på skandinaviska neuro kirurgisk kongress.
    Själv lärde jag mig "klädprat" av min äldre chefskollega på äldreboendet i Stockholm. Vi var bra på att förhandla 😉


  2. Tack Anna :)

    Vilket roligt ord: Klädprat. Det beskriver väldigt väl vad vi alla gör när vi klär oss - ibland utan att vi tänker på det.