Cashmere sweaters or therapy?

“Jag lägger hellre pengar på kashmirtröjor än dyr terapi.”
“I'd rather spend money on cashmere sweaters than expensive therapy.”
Karina Ericsson Wärn, headmaster at Beckmans College of Design

Image by 4cruzetam from Pixabay

It is easy to look at this statement and assume that Karina is a “material girl” who thinks happiness comes from things.

But when she explains what cashmere sweaters give her, we get a different view:

They give her Courage, Confidence and “Headmaster power”.

Who wouldn’t want Courage, Confidence and Power?

There is no such thing as right or wrong.

It is only about what works and what doesn’t, for you.

What makes you confident, courageous and powerful?

Hopefully you are these 3 things, regardless of circumstances.

But if you are not, use whatever you need to build your courage, strengthen your confidence and believe in your power.

One day you will notice that you are only wearing the cashmere sweater because you like it, not because you need it.

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