The Beauty of Art Part 5

It has been a while since I posted the Beauty of Art Parts 1 to 4. I hope you are looking forward to part 5!

So far we have looked at sculpture and paintings, the paintings have covered the art forms Impressionism, Post-impressionism and Expressionism.

This Beauty of Art goes into a different field: Photography.

I saw this photo in a Spanish magazine, In a section called Escapadas (escapes) they recommended different cultural events. This photograh was part of an exhibition they recommended. There was something about it that appealed to me, so I ripped out the page to remember the artist and this particular photograph:

Now it is your turn:

How does this piece of art make you feel? 
Who is the artist? 
What is the name of this photo?

Please let me know by adding a comment!
The answers to the two latter questions will be published in the next blog spot.


  1. Intriged and happy. Makes me want to learn more about it. Who made it or what may be it's name I don't know.