The Beauty of Art Part 5 - The answers

So, here they are -the answers to the Beauty of Art part 5.

First some clues.
I chose to post this one as number 5, since there is a link to the beauty of art part 4.
The artist is the woman in the photo, and the man is her American art dealer.

Her work Ongetiteld (untitled) was exhibited in Democracy´s images at  Bildmuseet in Umeå in Sweden 1998. That work also includes herself; it is a video in which she shaves off all of her body hair.

She is from South Africa and here is another work of hers: Venus Baartman:

The photo I posted in the Beauty of Art part 5, was this one:

I like it, as you may have understood by now. I like the contrasts (black, white, male, female, edges and curves) and I like the combination of tenderness and playfulness.

Some of your comments abour how it made you feel / what you thought about it were:

"Happy! Love is Red!"
"Happy and intrigued"
"It shows limitless love, but not in a very attractive way"
So, have you, possibly with the help of the additional clues in this post, figured out the answers to my questions yet?

The connection with part 4, is the title. Rodin´s sculpture is called le Baiser, the Kiss. And the photograph above is also called the Kiss.

The artist´s name is Tracey Rose.

Thanks for looking and participating!


  1. Hello Annika! In your new web site heading, we can't see your face. I think you want us to see your face there. The feeling of connection is somewhat weaker now. Personally, I really like this last piece of art. I also liked the first The Kiss. They both make me feel envy. So life is complex, a mix of disturbing and encouraging feelings. Exposing yourself to impressions, that's living. /Hans

    1. Thanks for the comment and your feeling about this piece of art!
      I am a bit uncomfortable about having photos of myself online, but I will take into account what you write about a somewhat weaker feeling of connection.