How to find time in August - fit in more with combinations

Welcome to How To Find Time In August!

This month, I want to help you optimise the time you have.

You may know by now that we all receive a Glass of time each week.

To use the time in that glass well, we need to secure our Energy with Needs-time and our Enthusiasm with Want-time before we spend all available time on the things we feel we "should" do. 

This month I give suggestions on how to combine activities in your Needs-, Want- and "Shoulds" time. When you find good combinations you can fit more into your glass of time.

There are many ways to combine different tasks. Before you listen to the tips in the video, let me warn you about a common misunderstanding.

Many people think efficiency means doing something every single minute of the day. They confuse efficiency with being busy. 

What I teach is not being busy, it is peacefully getting things done while enjoying each moment.

Keep that in mind when you listen to the video for tips about putting children to bed, doing dishes, and cleaning the house in ways that are fun, meaningful and efficient.

When you listen to the video, keep paper and pen with you (or use your computer with notifications and distractions turned off) and write down combinations you want to try out.

Remember, this is NOT about cramming in activities. That will just give you a false feeling of efficiency. Instead, focus on making each activity worthwhile and fun. We can multitask but we cannot multi-think as I describe in the blogpost Multitasking vs. Multi-thinking

I hope you will enjoy finding time with fun combinations!

Going deeper

If you want to learn how to peacefully get more done with less effort and deeper joy I recommend you read my books about finding time. 

Beyond Efficiency - Escape the Efficiency Trap and become an amazingly effective and peaceful leader by paying yourself first with time. 

If you can read Swedish, you are welcome to read Visst har du tid.

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