How to find time in July - WINE analysis

Welcome to the first month of the second half of the year!

This is a great month to reflect on what we have achieved and experienced in the first half of the year and what we want to achieve and experience in the second half.

To ensure you cover the areas that really make a difference - do a WINE analysis!

What I suggest you do in July - together with your loved ones if you can - is to take time out, ideally two times one hour. Then do a WINE analysis.

I am not referring to drinking wine, even if you're welcome to do that. 

I am talking about an acronym that will help you focus on areas that according to research are the areas we need to focus on to feel successful and fulfilled.





I'm also suggesting that you look at three life spheres since life is so much more than work, which is the area we typically set goals in. Look at your personal and professional life as well as your relationships.

Use the first hour to reflect on the first part of the year. What have you achieved, what have you experienced? I hope this exercise will make you happy and proud.

The second hour (I suggest you do this another day, to let the first exercise sink in) you look ahead

What do you want to achieve and experience the rest of this year in the different areas and life spheres? 

If done right, this exercise will give you guidance for the rest of the year and make you inspired and  hopeful.

The template is available in my Holistic Time Management Planner (available on Amazon).

If you don't have or want the planner, just create your own table. 

Good luck!

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