How to find time in January - Use 3 types of plans

Are you all excited about the new year?

Eager to achieve and experience new things?

I hope so! I know I am.

Are you also worried you may not get them done?
Maybe you worry about losing energy and enthusiasm on the way or getting overwhelmed.
No need to worry. 
By using 3 types of straight-forward plans you can stay balanced, on track and out of last-minute rush!

Find time in January, by introducing and using 3 levels of plans:

Your weekly plan.

Make sure you spend your week in ways that give energy and room for what you want. Only then can you use your time efficiently. You can learn more about weekly planning here

Your Daily plan.

Keep yourself on track without overloading your brain. Focus on 3 wanted outcomes, keep track of all deadlines and appointments and see anything else as bonus. You can learn more about daily planning here. 

Your monthly plan.

Avoid last-minute rush and unnecessary collisions with a monthly outlook. No need to go into details, just look ahead and see how you can be ready for different events and appointments. You can learn more about monthly planning here.

These 3 types of plans have helped many, I hope they will help you achieve what you want this year, in a balanced and fun way!

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