Wrap up the year in a way that feels good - do a WINE analysis.

Welcome to December, a perfect month to look back on the year in a way that gives energy and insight for the year ahead.

I suggest that you do a WINE analysis of the year that is now coming to an end. 

You will shift the focus from "all the things you didn't get done" to the things you have experienced and achieved this year.

This will empower you and give you a great platform for new goals next year!

We are used to focusing on all the things we have not yet done. Too often we beat ourselves up about it. This drains our energy and makes us even less likely to achieve future goals.

What we often forget is that we get things done and we experience and achieve things all the time. Recognising this increases our energy and our chances of achieving more in the future.

What I suggest you do in December is to take some time out, together with your loved ones if you can, and do a WINE analysis.

WINE is an acronym for

  • Winning
  • Influence
  • Needed
  • Enjoyment

Reflecting about what you have experienced this year in these 4 areas in 3 of your life spheres is likely to make you happy and proud!

Image from HTM Planner

Instructions for How to find time in December:

  1. Set aside one hour for reflection. Alone or with your loved ones.
  2. Sit down with pen and paper (or computer if you turn off notifications that distract you) and look at each area and life sphere in the WINE analysis. Write down what you have achieved and experienced in these areas. Celebrate and enjoy! Learn and grow!

This template is available in my Holistic Time Management Planner (available on Amazon).

If you don't have or want the planner, just create your own table. 

I hope you will enjoy reflecting about the year and finding energy and time!

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