My wife is learning how to make Molotov cocktails

“It’s surreal. My wife is learning how to make Molotov cocktails.”

The week before our surreal conversation, we had discussed weekly deliveries, ideation processes and Kanban. The day after, Russia invaded Ukraine, the country where many of the team members work.

I have been consulting this company for years and now I didn’t even know if the people I knew were alive.


You may also work with or know people from Ukraine or Russia. Maybe you are from either of these countries.

Even if you are not, you most likely feel what so many feel now.

Despair, sadness, hate…

I understand if you do.

Still, I hope you can find a way to stay strong, calm, and hopeful.

We can contribute so much more when we do.

I stand guard at the gates of my mind to keep fear and hate away from my mind and heart.

I avoid what makes me fearful:

Speculations of bombs hitting nuclear plants, or about Russia attacking more countries, for instance Sweden where I live.

I avoid what breaks my heart:

Pictures and stories about broken families, wounded or killed children and animals, ruined homes.

I avoid what makes me angry and hateful:

Anything Putin says.

Instead, I give my attention to what warms my heart:

  • A Ukrainian asking Russians on a stranded tank if he should tow them back to Russia – and the soldiers responding by laughing.
  • Ukrainian civilians blocking the street for tanks – and the Russian soldiers not shooting at them.
  • Peace demonstrations across the world - including in Russia. 
  • Countless persons helping and supporting Ukraine in whatever way they can – without condemning Russians in general.
  • President Zelensky's brave and inspirational speeches and actions.
This war can be the war when the violent way of making war becomes obsolete.

The new way of making war is what we are seeing now.

The type of warfare that shows the bully that no victim is ever alone.

The type of warfare that removes all financial-, business-, scientific- and cultural ties with the bully.

The victim is not alone.

The bully is.

When you are alone you cannot win.

When you use violence, lies, and hate you cannot win.

The small victories you may have on your way to your defeat will be empty and sour.

This war has shown us how much love, courage, and humanity there is in this world.

The old way of warfare is finally reaching its end.

Stay strong, hopeful, and loving.


  1. Thank you Annika, this is very powerful <3 You should publish it in other places for everyone to see

    1. I am happy you found it powerful and important also for other channels 🥰. I have posted shorter versions also on social media and will think about more ways to share.