I don’t even want to stop for gas

 "Have you checked the oil level on the car lately?"

I looked at my car-loving dad and thought to myself: 
"Checked the oil? Heck, I don’t even want to stop for gas."

 Neither did one of my ex-colleagues when she was pregnant. When the fuel lamp lit up, she stared at it, thinking to herself: “I don’t want to stop and tank the car. I just don’t want to!”

She drove home with the lamp shining brightly. When she came home, she tossed the car keys to her husband and said:

“You need to tank the car.”

He made it to the gas station, but just barely. I don’t know what he said or thought. Maybe he thought as my husband:

You don’t argue with a pregnant woman.

Ideally you don’t argue at all.

Hopefully you have found a way of handling the work at home in ways that suit everyone involved.

If not, let me tell you two secrets to make it work:

Accept that you are different.

My father loves cars including caring for them. I love motorcycles but I just want to drive. The world is more fun when we are different. Let’s accept that we are.

Do what you like, let others do what they like.

A couple I know have agreed that he takes care of the cars, she takes care of the bills. In our household my husband takes care of the cooking, I take care of the dishes.

What do you love to do?

Do more of that.

What do you dislike doing?

Don’t force yourself to do something you dislike. Find someone who loves doing what you don’t want to do and ask them to take care of it.

I know this isn’t easy.

For that reason, I have created a course called How to share the work at home lovingly and efficiently. If you know someone who needs help in this area, tip them about the course you can read more about here.

Good luck!


  1. Wouldnt it be great if we didnt have to stop even for electric recharge instead have the car covered with super efficient solar cells...

    1. Agree. I have had the opportunity to drive electric cars as well, and having to stop to charge is even more boring (or at least time consuming) than to stop for gas. Then thinking about charging them every night at home as well. So yes - solar panels on the vehicle sounds great!

    2. In principal You are right. We just have to wait for more efficient solar cells and that they also work in darkness.
      There are some promising results for that.

    3. Working in darkness - it will be cool when that happens.