How to open your gifts of life

Welcome to a new year!

To start this year in a powerful way, I want to give you inspiration to open the gifts life has given you

My new year gift to you is a 9 minute long story that will touch your heart. 

To immerse yourself in both images and sound, watch the video when you have some time for yourself or together with someone else who wants to join you. 

If you prefer to listen while you take care of something that doesn't require your brain, you can use the audio file

I hope this gift helps you make the most of 2022 and future years!


  1. Annika, You are a lovely guide and teacher!

    1. How should I have done this so I do not show as "Unknown"?

    2. Aaw, thank you Mary-Jane, for the kind words.

      I believe Google will only show your name if you have a google account and are logged in on it when you comment. Sometimes I simply add a "/name" to my comment to avoid that problem if I am not logged in.