Your best is all there is

When people reproached me not to have succeeded in changing his mind on climate change, I tell them I did my best.
French President Emmanuel Macron about his discussions with President Donald Trump 
The only thing we can ever do is our best. 
When our best isn’t good enough, there is no reason to feel bad. 
You did the best you could and that’s all anyone can ever ask of you.
Including yourself.
Also remember that we learn as long as we live.
Your best a year ago is different from your best now.
Don’t reproach yourself (or others!) about past performances.
Most likely you did the best with what you knew then, and now that you know better you will do better.
As a line manager, I coached my employees following these 3 guidelines:
·       Always do your best·       Continuously improve·       Take care of yourself and your team
Once you do this, you have done everything a company or a person (including yourself!) can eveask from you.
Your best is all there is.

Let it be enough.

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