Stressed? Bite a pen

Stressed? Bite a pen!

This unusual advice was given by Ami Hemviken at Passion for Projects in Malmö.

The intention is not to bite away your frustration and stop yourself from screaming. The intention is to fool yourself into thinking you are smiling.

It is hardly surprising that smiling makes you happier. What might be less known is that a fake smile will also do the trick. If you’re so stressed and angry you can’t make yourself smile, biting a pen will be good enough.

Changing how you feel by changing your physiology is one of the fastest ways to change your state.

Feel worried, stressed, frustrated?

Bite a pen, stand in a wonder woman pose, or raise your arms above your head in a victory pose.

The worst thing that can happen is that someone will see you and laugh. And voilà, you will have made them feel better 😊.

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