Successful launch in 90 days - how did it go?

If you set your goal too far into the future, it is easy to think:
I will start tomorrow.
New year resolutions are good examples of this.  What normally happens to your new year resolutions?

 I thought so :).

On the other hand, If you set goals too close into the future, the goals are likely to be small and your way there will be more like ticking off a to-do list than trying out new creative ways.

That's why there are 90 day challenges. They are neither too far awar, nor too soon.

Some of you have followed my 90 day challenges, the latest one being:

The launch was planned to include both a book release and an on-line course.

Last weekend my book about holistic time management was released at the event Visst har du tid. A combined book release, art exhibition and lecture.  The event became just as fun and inspiring as I had imagined it to be. :)

The other part of the challenge was to launch an online course. During the 90 days I reconsidered. Maybe an online course was not what I wanted to offer after all? I heard about people who had bought several online courses but then never opened them.

So I decided to go for a program instead. A Holistic Time Management Program with some components of an online course, but complemented with real "classes" online. During the meetings all participants and myself will talk about our learnings and insights and we will help each other.

I will enjoy the afterglow of the great event for a while and I will give myself a break from challenges to celebrate midsummer and enjoy some vacation.

When I am ready to start my next 90 day challenge I will tell you all about it.

What will your next 90 day challenge be? 

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