#MyStorytellerBrand: Not you, your persona

” The difference between you and Camilla Läckberg (a succesful Swedish author) is that she is known and you are not.”
 Jesper said and leaned back in his chair.  

We were sitting around a table at our friends' house. They were, just like we at that time, a Swedish family living in Spain for a few years. Jesper, who has worked as a creative director, knows a lot more about marketing than I do. A lot more. And still my answer was:  

“I don´t want to be known. I want my books to be known, but I do not want to promote or market  myself. 

His reply was immediate: 
“You are not going to sell yourself. You are going to sell a persona.” 
Thanks Jesper for putting it in a way that made me understand. I am, like all of us, a complex person with a lot of different dimensions and different roles in my life. I am a mother to three fantastic boys, a loved and loving wife, a daughter, a friend and much more. And I am a storyteller.  Of course I am not going to brand or sell myself. I will only brand and clarify my Storyteller Persona.  

I will share my branding work with you in a series of blog posts, and of course, in the end you will see the result. I will display it for the first time on the book release of my third book: November 16 at Mimers Kulturhus, Kungälv (Sweden).  You will also see it online when I open my annikaslol web shop in December. Stay tuned!

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