The Beauty of Art, part 3

Those of you who follow this blog know the drill by now, you have already seen Part 1 and Part 2: I display a piece of art and you let me know how it makes you feel and if you can you provide answers to my questions about the painting and the artist.

So here it goes, the Beauty of Art part 3:

On our journey through Europe this summer, my family and I took a walk in the surroundings of this mountain:

It is a mountain that the artist of this quiz painted often.

So here we go again:

What is the name of the painting?
Who painted it?
What is this type of art called?
Where can the original painting be seen?
How does this painting make you feel?

Even if you do not know the answers to the first questions (I believe this one is more difficult than my first two quizzes, but let´s see) please answer the final one. All answers are correct on that one!

As usual I will provide the answers and your comments in a coming blogspot.


  1. Staffan Bonnier17 August, 2016 19:22

    Quite tricky (had to cheat a bit :)):
    - Mont Sainte-Victoire
    - Paul Cezanne
    - Post-Impressionism
    - Musee d'Orsay in Paris

    This particular painting doesn't affect me much. Other Cezanne paintings of the same mountain makes a stronger impression though.

  2. I remember it was Cezanne and that it was a beautiful place to visit. The rest I don't know. The mountain and nature around it gave tranquility after a long day traveling, maybe Cezanne felt the same when he looked at the mountain.

  3. Cezanne is the painter.
    His paintings create a good feeling due to all the green colors plus the open space and air that provide lebensraum (sorry a bit of German there). I have always liked his paintings due to the calmness based on above comments.