The Beauty of Art part 3, the answers

I was happy and impressed to see that several of you knew that Paul Cézanne painted Mont Sainte-Victoire that I showed in Beauty of Art part 3:

If you want to see the painting in real life, you will find it in the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.

Paul Cézanne found Mont Sainte-Victoire in Provence in France a beautiful motif and painted it multiple times. I like this painting too: Mont Sainte Victoire with large pine.

The type of art is post-impressionism. It has been described as an extended Impressionism (See the Beauty of Art part 1) "while rejecting its limitations". Like impressionism, post-impressionism uses vivid colours and real-life subject matter, but it uses geometric forms more and sometimes distort form and color for expressive effect.

So, the interesting part, how does Cézanne´s painting make you feel? 

This particular painting doesn't affect me much. Other Cezanne paintings of the same mountain makes a stronger impression though.

I remember it was Cezanne and that it was a beautiful place to visit. The mountain and nature around it gave tranquility after a long day traveling, maybe Cezanne felt the same when he looked at the mountain?

His paintings create a good feeling due to all the green colors plus the open space and air that provide lebensraum (sorry a bit of German there). I have always liked his paintings due to the calmness.

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