The Beauty of Art, part 2

In the Beauty of Art part 1, I shared a painting that made many of you feel harmony, calmness and alive.

Earlier this year when my husband and I visited Museo Thysssen Bornemisza in Madrid, there was an exhibition that included a painting that invokes completely different feelings - at least for me. The painting we saw was one of four versions of the below painting.

Just like in part 1, I ask you a number of questions about the painting and I will provide the answers in a later blogspot.

What is the name of the painting?
Who painted it?
What is this type of art called?
Where can the original painting be seen?
How does this painting make you feel?

Let me know what you think - I will provide the answers in my next blogspot!


  1. Skriet. Le cri.
    Edvard Munck
    Typ av konst:målning

  2. Skriet, Munck, Expressionism,Nationalgalleriet i Oslo.
    Blir förbannad när han målar sån skit.

  3. The scream, Munk, ??, dunno, I can feel the despair, maybe lost a loved one?