The beauty of art part 1 - the answers

In a previous blog spot, I showed this painting:

and I asked you a number of questions. 
Thanks for your comments - here are the answers!

  • Do you know the artist?
    • Yes - all of you did. He is an artist that many persons, also those not particularly interested in art, know of: Claude Monet.
  • The name of the painting?
    • This one was trickier, since Monet often painted the same theme many times to show the different impressions the same view can give, depending on different lights or seasons. Some of you thought it was this painting:

Which is the same theme, but still a different painting called Bridge over a pond of waterlilies, or, in Claude's language: Pont au-dessus d'un bassin de nymphéas.

The painting I posted has a very similar name in French: Nymphéas et pont japonais; in English called: Water lilies and Japanese bridge.

  • What is this type of art called?
    • That was another easy question, you all recognized that this artform is impressionism - the name comes from Monet's painting: Impression, soleil levant (in English; Impression sunrise):
Impressionism has been described as: "writing what you see, not what you know is there".
  • In what museum can the original be seen?
    • Le bassin aux nymphéas / water lily pond hangs in The Art Museum Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, USA. Claude's art is spread all over the world though, and you can of course see a lot of his paintnings in Paris - where I saw original paintings by  Monet for the first time.

  • How does this painting make you feel?
    • There is no right or wrong answers to this one of course. The answers you have given are, related to harmony, calmness, feeling alive and feeling well.

It turns out several of you enjoy Monet and his art just as much as I do. :-)

There is also a Part 2 of the Beauty of art, if you are curious you can find it here

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